short instruction

For the birdie 500

We would like to introduce you to the instruction manual show the most important functions on the website and give one or the other tip.

Golf Laser Birdie 500

1. principle of measurement

The distance measurement with a golf laser works according to the principle of reflection. The emitted rays are reflected by the object (flag, tree, etc.) and captured again by the receiver. This time difference between sending and receiving provides the distance to the target based on the speed of light. The laser belongs to class 1 and is safe for the eyes.

2. what influences the result of the measurement?

The quality of the distance measurement is influenced by a few factors. For example, bright flags reflect the laser better than dark flags, which is in the nature of things. If there's no wind and the flag is hanging down, the target gets smaller. Despite all this, the measurement using a golf laser and FlagFinder is very simple and actually always possible. Experience has shown it.

3. reflectors on the flags

reflector-golflaserThere is no golf club in the USA that does not attach reflectors to the flags of its players. On more and more sportive golf courses in Germany you can find them, too, but unfortunately much too rarely. If such a reflector is mounted on the flag pole, one cannot miss the flag any more.

If your golf club does not yet have reflectors on its flags, please ask the secretary. These are not expensive and a real added value for the players.



4. how to measure correctly

Look through the eyepiece and, if necessary, focus it by turning it slightly (diopter adjustment). Then activate the LCD display by briefly pressing the power button. It is best to hold the laser in both hands so that the hands do not shake.


Now try aiming the flag (or the desired destination) with the crosshair and press the Power button again. The desired distance appears on the display. The FlagFinder should always be activated.


Tip: If you have trouble hitting the flag (be it a restless hand or a flaccid flag), combine the FlagFinder with the Scan mode. Press and hold the power button longer and try to aim the flag. You will see, after only two seconds you have determined the distance to the flag.