Unsere Technologie

Die Handhabung mit unseren Lasern ist optimiert für eine schnelle und präzise Distanzmessung. Ohne Kompromisse, mit allen Funktionen für Golfer.

Our Golf Rangefinders use an invisible, eye-safe class 1 laser beam that is "thrown" onto distant objects at the touch of a button. Then the high-performance digital clock of the golf laser is used to measure the time the laser beam needs to reach the target and return. The electronics calculates the distance with an accuracy of +/-1 meter and displays it either in yard or meter on the built-in LCD display. From the moment the button is pressed to trigger the laser beam, only a few moments pass until the distance is shown on the display.

Since Golf Rangefinders "throw" a laser beam at the target to measure the distance, the indication of the distance is partly determined by the reflection of the target. In other words, hard or reflective targets - such as rocks - can be measured more easily at greater distances than softer targets such as the golf flag. The distances for weakly reflecting targets, such as trees, are in between.

In the USA and England you can no longer find a golf club that does not attach reflectors to the flags of its players. On more and more sportive golf courses in Germany you can find them, too, but unfortunately much too rarely. If such a reflector is mounted on the flag pole, one cannot miss the flag any more.

The LCD display shows:

  • reticule
  • Distance in meters / yards
  • modes
  • FlagFinder icon
  • Battery (if low)
  • Lightning icon during measurement

The FlagFinder mode makes it much easier to hit the flag. The algorithm detects the nearest target and displays the distance to it without measuring the distance of background objects.

The vibration provides the user with additional help in knowing when he has caught the flag.

The scan mode minimizes and compensates for hand movements. Through continuous measurement, even very small targets can be hit at great distances.

Slope function with height measurement. The actual width to be played due to the difference in height is displayed. If it goes uphill, e.g. the blow to the 100m away flag is to be played like 110m. The Slope function can be switched on and off by means of a button and is therefore tournament compliant.

The solar panel supplies the built-in battery with power and enables battery-free operation.

The ergonomic design allows easy and comfortable handling. Compact, lightweight and optimized for golfers.

The housing is water-repellent, so don't worry about the sudden rain shower.

Unsere Produktion

Unsere Produkte werden und Deutschland entwickelt und designed. Spezialisierte Partner produzieren unsere Golflaser mit modernsten Standards.