Golf Laser or GPS Golfuhr: Advantages and Disadvantages

Let's get to the truth

It is about the question which distance measuring device is better suited for you. To do this, you must take the following aspects into account:

  • precision (weighting 30%)
  • ease of use (weighting 25%)
  • flexibility (weighting 25%)
  • expenses (weighting 20%)

Golf lasers and GPS rangefinders have been allowed in tournaments since 2013. With the help of these technologies, the game has changed. Blind guessing of distance is a thing of the past. But to make sure the game doesn't suffer, you should choose the right tool.

1. accuracy

Precision is the be-all and end-all in golf, but you can't have everything. Either you choose accuracy or you don't. Golf lasers usually measure to an accuracy of one meter. Some high-priced models are even accurate to one decimeter. But the question is whether this really makes sense.
Good GPS devices are usually accurate to a few meters, but this can also vary with the weather. In addition, a GPS device cannot detect the exact position of the flag, so the user has to estimate approximately where it stands. In the end, when all factors come together, one can easily estimate oneself by 5-10 meters or more with GPS devices. So even good shots can miss the green.

Conclusion: Clear plus for the golf laser (9/10), GPS (1/10)

2. user friendliness

Golf lasers are taken out of the bag with every measurement and are directed at the target like binoculars. This only takes a few seconds with a little practice. The battery often lasts for several years, so it rarely needs to be replaced.
GPS devices can, for example, be attached to the arm as a watch or to the bag as a display and a quick glance is all it takes. However, it may be necessary to determine the position of the flag, which can take a few moments. A big disadvantage is the battery life. Often you have to charge the device before every round, which is quite annoying. In addition, the batteries deteriorate over time, so that a new device has to be purchased quite soon. Another disadvantage is the software. This includes regular updates on the PC. It is not uncommon for difficulties to arise. And if the golf course played is not available on the device at all, you cannot use the device.

Conclusion: Golf laser (4/10) and GPS (6/10) balanced

3. flexibility

Here the Golf lasers are clearly ahead. With the laser almost all targets can be measured at will, no matter if flag, bunker edge, bush, tree or water ditch. This makes it much easier to plan the course strategy in a variety of ways.
GPS devices often have small displays that show only the direct distance to the green. Other obstacles or, for example, doglegs are excluded. This leaves little room for flexible play.

Conclusion: Clear plus for the golf laser (9/10), GPS (1/10)

4. costs

Here you will find a whole range of different offers. Depending on the brand, golf lasers start at about 170€ and can cost up to 800€.
GPS devices usually range between 150€ and 500€. Software updates are usually free, but this should be clarified before purchasing. However, an often underestimated point is the battery life. It is not uncommon for the battery of a golf car to last only a few years, and then you buy a new device because the old one can no longer hold out 18 holes.

Conclusion: Golf laser (5/10) and GPS (5/10) balanced

overall conclusion

The points multiplied by the weighting results in a final score of 6,75 points for Golflaser and 3.25 points for GPS devices. In the end, however, every golfer has to decide for himself what is more important to him.

golf laser 67.5Punkte
GPS devices 32.5Punkte

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