Golflaser Über Uns

Our quality promise

1. quality of our Golf Rangefinders

Hinter der Marke stehen zwei passionierte Golfer (About us). We know first hand what our favourite sport is all about. Our Golf Rangefinders and golf accessories are thought through down to the last detail and optimized to give the player a good feeling and reliability. We pay special attention to quality and fair price (Our business model).

See for yourself

The feedback from our customers speaks for itself! You can find more than 1000 reviews on Amazon and here in our shop (on the respective product page). We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers sincerely.

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Had until recently the Bushnell Tour V2, which I had lost on my golf course and natural there was no honest finder.
I was very satisfied with the V2, now I ordered the Biride and am very positively surprised, K E I N difference to the V2 except in the price!!!
I am very satisfied and can recommend this laser without reservation.

Peter / Mönchengladbach

Top device at top price. Chic design, small and compact in the hand. Measurement process with different modes is fast and precise. Everything's fine.

Andrew / Wien

A real alternative to other products in terms of price/performance. In comparison to watches of a well-known manufacturer, the meters are much more accurate. And the advantage to have not only green beginning - middle - end as indication. I can only recommend the birdie.

Alex / München

A great device at an absolutely fair price. It does exactly what I expected it to do, and very quickly. In comparison with other lasers, no differences were found with regard to distance measurement (Bushnell, Leupold). The device doesn't only make a very good impression optically, it also lies comfortably in the hand. All in all I am absolutely satisfied!

Heinz / Langenfeld

2. our service promise

When you buy a RocketGolf laser from us, you become part of our golf family. And that offers you unique advantages!

1 year warranty

You bought our laser, and we'll make sure it works. Should there be any problems, we are there for you. You can find more information about the warranty in our FAQ.

Fast customer service

In addition to good products, customer support also plays an important role. Our employees play golf themselves and can thus quickly and competently take care of your concerns. Furthermore, we try to provide you with all necessary information on our homepage. So it is often not even necessary to ask our support for help. On our help page we've gathered everything.

Exchange program for customers

We are constantly working on our products and also bring new or further developed products onto the market. Since we want you as our customer to participate in the progress, we offer you an exchange ALT for NEU. Find out more here.

Training series with useful golf exercises

Wir erwarten nicht, dass Sie ein Entfernungsmesser-Genie von Tag 1 an sind. Wir haben Jahre gebraucht. Um Ihnen dabei zu helfen, haben wir eine Trainingsreihe mit Nützlichen Übungen und Infos zusammengestellt, wie Sie Ihr Produkt am besten nutzen können.

3. our technologies

Unsere Produkte sind speziell für Golfer entwickelt und optimiert, ohne Kompromisse. Von Golfern für Golfer.

4. Spieler und Botschafter

Unsere Golflaser werden von Tour Professionals und Bundesliga-Spielern genutzt.

Neuigkeiten Team

Nicole Gergely – PGA Golf Professional

Die erfolgreiche Tourspielerin Nicole Gergely aus Österreich mit unserem Golflaser Birdie 1300 Pro. Nach ihrer aktiven Karriere auf der LET hat sie eine Ausbildung zum Teaching Pro gemacht und hilft [...]



Sandy Voss – Playing Professional

Wir dürfen neu im RocketGolf Team die junge Golf-Proette Sandy Voss im Team begrüßen und drücken ihr für die anstehenden Turniere die Daumen.


Neuigkeiten Ratgeber Team

Jonas Kölbing – Tourpro

Wir dürfen Jonas neu im Team begrüßen und drücken ihm für die anstehenden Turniere die Daumen.


Neuigkeiten Team

Anna-Lena – Bundesliga

Wir dürfen Anna-Lena neu im Team begrüßen und drücken ihr für die anstehenden Turniere die Daumen.


Unsere Golflaser und Entfernungsmesser