About us

The Origin

In top golf, distance meters have been indispensable for years and are also established in amateur sport. Golf is a precision sport in which the ball has to go into a hole about 11cm in diameter. Estimating distances is far too inaccurate and often takes longer than a short measurement. Bad shots are often a result of uncertainty.
A Golf Rangefinder is a useful tool for every golfer, which you should not do without. It is therefore all the more pleasing that the German Golf Association has approved distance meters in tournaments since 2013 (you can find the exact regulations here). here). Almost all lasers we offer are officially allowed in tournaments.

Our history

We were looking for an inexpensive laser for a long time, which meets all our requirements; without success. The products of well-known manufacturers cost a lot, as margins for several intermediaries are included. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of closing this supply gap. Under the company name RocketGolf we started producing our own Golf Rangefinders in 2013.

RocketGolf stands for high quality Golf Rangefinder at affordable prices. We do not save on quality, but keep our company lean, transparent and efficient. Learn more about our business model.

The founders

We started in 2012 in twos, and now our team consists of several partners and employees. We are constantly looking for new products to expand our portfolio. In 2016 we added the launch monitor ES14 to our program as it is a wonderful addition to our Golf Rangefinders.

Julian Bachmaier (Founder)
Handicap: +2.0
Golf Club Feldafing (2nd Bundesliga)
Study: Mechanical Engineering at the TU Munich
Julian Bachmaier

Christoph S. Schmück (Founder)
Handicap: -4.2
Rottaler Golf & Country Club
Studies: F&I University of Edinburgh
Christoph Schmück

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Our promise

When you buy a RocketGolf laser from us, you become part of our golf family. And that offers you unique advantages!