Our Commitment

Concentrating on economic success is absolutely essential for almost every company. In addition, we find it very important to get involved and give something back - be it with donations in kind or personal commitment. Our focus is on children, young people and education. We have supported the following projects, among others:

About Birdies4Kids
The idea for Birdies4Kids was born in January 2013. We asked ourselves the question, "can you do something about the terrible disease of cancer in children in golf or support it? That's how the idea came about.

We are a community of golf friends and sports enthusiasts. Birdies4Kids supports the initiative krebskranke Kinder München e.V., which is active throughout Upper Bavaria.

About the NCL Foundation
Child dementia (NCL) is a fatal metabolic disease that has hardly been researched to date. Affected children go blind, suffer from epilepsy and increasingly lose further cognitive and motor abilities until they die - usually before they are 30 years old. We, the NCL Foundation, are committed to national and international research funding in order to give the children affected by NCL the prospect of therapy and healing approaches that have so far been lacking.

About the Michael Roll Foundation
I firmly believe that adults have an obligation to help children who have been harmed by adults. In connection with my charity golf tournaments, I have come to appreciate the work of the Tabaluga Children's Foundation. As a benefactor, I have the opportunity to support the traumatized children and young people even more effectively in the Tabaluga projects. I would like to ensure the high quality level of Tabaluga's therapies, especially riding therapy, for the long term. This is how I want traumatised children and adolescents to find ways to process their experiences and gain positive prospects for the future.

About the We-Start Equal Initiative
We start right away! was founded in February 2011 on the initiative of Reinhard Höfelmeyer and Klaus J. Behrendt as a non-profit association in Osnabrück and has set itself the following goal: "Fair opportunities for all school beginners".