The RocketGolf Concept

Our business model is fair, transparent and, above all, lean. High costs are a thing of the past. We know how retail works in the golf industry and have therefore developed a new business model. This enables us to offer you a discount of up to 50% on comparable products.

It starts with the planning and ordering of the golf lasers. After the production they are brought by airplane to our warehouse, where they are examined by us and get the final polish. There they will wait until you buy them in our online shop and they will be shipped by us immediately. In between there is no expensive intermediate trade, which means savings of up to 50%.


1) We only produce and sell products that we use and like ourselves. And we know you're gonna like her, too.
Over 500 customer recessions on our website and Amazon speak for themselves. See for yourself.

2) We are a small company.
We can do things that big companies can't do. We experiment a lot and also try out things that are not profit-oriented at first, but bring customer benefits. As a lean company, we also have lower expenses, which enables us to offer favourable prices and better individual service.

3) We have many years of practical experience.
Our handicap betrays that we have been playing golf for a long time. Several years 1st Bundesliga and starts at major European amateur tournaments are among them. We know our way around and we understand our customers. That's what our competitors often lack.

4) We work with professional companies and outsource critical tasks.
Our professional warehouse and shipping team will ship your order quickly and free of charge in Germany and Austria. We only use DHL because we have had the best experience with it.

Our Golf Lasers

189,00  139,99 
599,95  559,95 
240,00  179,99 
220,00  169,99 
240,00  179,99 
220,00  169,99 
220,00  169,99 
239,00  179,99