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Jeder Golflaser wird versandkostenfrei mit DHL inkl. Batterie, Tragetasche, Reinigungstuch, Anleitung und kleinem Geschenk geliefert. Alle Laser sind übrigens in Turnieren erlaubt.

The Birdie Series

The birdie is the all-rounder. It is handy, fast and reliable. It has the following important functions FlagFinder, scan mode and vibrates during target acquisition. He measures the flag from up to 300m problem-free. Plan your next shot like a pro. Available in four colours and a model with slope height measurement.

240,00  179,99 
220,00  169,99 
220,00  169,99 
240,00  179,99 
220,00  169,99 
220,00  169,99 

Our quality promise
Hinter RocketGolf stehen zwei Golfer, die wissen, worauf es bei unserem Lieblingssport ankommt. Dabei achten wir besonders auf die Qualität, einen fairen Preis und schnelle, kompetente Hilfe. Zahlreiche Kundenbewertungen sprechen für sich.

The Eagle Series

The Eagle 600 is innovative solar cell energy-saving and requires no battery (optional), even in bad weather. It has the following functions FlagFinder, scan mode and hunting mode.

239,00  179,99 

Launch Monitor

Useful training and fitting aid and simulator

The ES14 and ES16 revolutionize golf for golf instructors, fitters and ambitious golfers. The Launch Monitor provides important real-time data about your shot (ball and club head speed, distance, spin rate, take-off angle and smash factor) - and is also very easy to use and affordable.

595,00  469,95 

Useful accessories

Do you want to add an additional battery, cheap golf tees or a training aid to your order?

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