Why should a laser rangefinder have a range of 500m when you measure to the flag from a maximum of 250m? 

This question sounds plausible, but it is not the whole truth. If a rangefinder with 500m range is specified, like ours, then it is the maximum rangeThis can only be achieved under almost perfect conditions, i.e. no rain, no fog and a large target with a flat surface that is targeted. Since the flag is probably the most important target in golf, but is not large and does not offer a perfectly reflective surface, the range here is limited.

Our Laser Birdie 500 is good enough, thanks to the powerful built-in laser, to achieve a range of 260m to guarantee under all conditions (flag range) and even up to 300m to measure!

300m Max. Range is too little!

There are suppliers on the market who advertise with 300m Range, whereby here the maximum range is meant and to flag under circumstances not even 200m are measurable.

However, we believe that in golf a laser should be able to measure 220m in any case, so that it can be used under all circumstances and provides the player with an important added value.