has tested our Eagle 600 Solar - Result 4.3 / 5

Germany's largest golf portal has tested our solar laser and the result is very good. We would like to thank you for this and are also a little proud. Here is a small excerpt from the report:

The Eagle 600 Solar golf laser is one of the cheaper on the market with a price below 200 euros and is intended to avoid additional follow-up costs thanks to solar operation. We have put the inexpensive laser rangefinder to the test.

Conclusion: The Eagle 600 Solar from measures the distances reliably. Not quite as fast as brand competition, but the one to two seconds per measurement are a gift. Small weaknesses in detail do not cloud the picture of a round package at all. The Eagle 600 Solar scores above all with its battery-free operation. And of course with one of the lowest prices on the market.

golflaser-test judgement-golfde

To the test report: here

To the product page: here

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