Preshot Routine - Advantages and Description

Do you have a routine before the punch? If not, you may not be able to fully exploit your potential. The advantages and a short description of the Preshot routine:

According to Herbert Forster (mental coach), the routine should proceed as follows:

First strategy:
Under strategy we unite all considerations that have to do with the choice of club and club. Factors such as the position of the ball, distance to the hole (here comes the Golf Rangefinder into the game :-), the wind, the flag position, etc. are evaluated here and concluded with a clear and conscious decision.

Second aim:
With aiming we make the transition from rational thinking to intuition. Aiming right means far more than accurately aligning the body and club face before the shot. The aim is to establish as intensive a connection as possible with the goal and to see, feel and perhaps even hear the blow as clearly as possible.

Do you remember a 5 or 10 metre putt where you knew you were going into the hole before you hit it? Have you seen exactly how the ball will run, felt exactly how the motion feels and maybe even heard the sound of the ball falling into the hole? This is exactly the feeling that we should strive for with every blow.

Three. Let go:
A golf swing involves several hundred muscles, which must be perfectly tuned to each other in order to play the golf ball with millimetre precision at the right angle and at the right speed. The conscious control of such a complex movement pattern is impossible. The more we try to steer consciously, the more we impair the movement sequence stored in the subconscious mind and destroy our swing. This is similar to when we think about which muscle we have to move when and how to descend a staircase. In that case, we'd probably fall down more often than arrive undamaged downstairs.


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