Do you know your range?

One of the most important things in golf is the length control, which shows several statistics on the tour and also Tiger Woods has highlighted this in an interview. Do you know how far you can hit with each club in your bag, and best of all, on the meter? If not, then it's time you got a [...]

golf eisenspiel

Trainingsreihe: Golf-Übung #4 – Das Eisenspiel verbessern

Das Eisenspiel ist wichtig und sorgt für präzise Annäherungen zur Fahne. Daher sollte man es auch auf der Range verbessern und trainieren. Die Golf-Übung #4 Eisenspiel ist eigentlich ganz einfach und gut auf der Driving Range auszuführen. Benötigt werden ein Ziel und ein Golflaser, damit man die Entfernung zum Ziel messen kann.

We support Birdies4Kids! Buy golf tees now, we donate 100%.

We came across the Birdies4Kids! initiative and were spontaneously enthusiastic about the idea. Birdies4Kids! is a community of friends of golf and sports enthusiasts who support children with cancer by donating the proceeds from the birdie pool of various tournaments to the parents' initiative Krebskranke Kinder München e.V. (Children with Cancer Munich). Help with sportiness! We thought about how we could support this idea without further ado and [...]

The Golf Rangefinder "Eagle 600 Solar" runs thanks to solar cell without battery and is also suitable for hunters

Our solar laser is ideally suited for golfers to measure the distance to the flag without any problems. For this purpose, we have specially installed the FlagFinder mode and the Scan mode, whereby the flag is recognized. These two functions are also offered by our slightly cheaper model Birdie 500. Hunting mode on the Eagle 600 Solar Our solar laser Eagle also offers [...]

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