is mentioned in the new book by Timo Schlitz "Schönes Spiel".

Do you already know the new book Nice game? A real tip, especially now at the beginning of the golf season, when everyone is looking for new equipment. The EBook is a guide for golfers looking for the right golf equipment. Timo Schlitz, the author of the successful booklet My Golf Training (which we also highly recommend), summarizes the most important purchase criteria for clubs, bags and accessories and gives recommendations for the 2015 season.

Here is a short excerpt:

Rangefinder: Laser, GPS or App

For a few years now it has been hard to imagine amateur sport without rangefinders. Rightly so. Anyone who takes sport seriously and wants to improve it will certainly benefit from knowing how many metres there are left to the flag. In the home club you can often do without it, but on foreign places it helps immensely to know the exact distances. What is measured with now is a matter of taste.

The laser is the safest variant. Because it works all the time, unless the battery's dead. The disadvantage is that you have to put on your own hand and hit the flags with the laser, which is becoming easier and easier thanks to the constantly improving equipment technology. Lasers are allowed at amateur tournaments, but only if they can only be used to measure distances. Lasers with further functions (e.g. the calculation of gradients) are not allowed. The devices of the well-known manufacturers like Bushnell, Leupold or Nikon are recommendable. More favorable, but nevertheless recommendable, are the lasers of available in the direct sale.

The small GPS devices in the size of a smartphone can be attached to the bag and are therefore easy to read. The distances are accurate to one meter and change with the position of the player. Obstacles are displayed and the distance to the green is measured with start, middle and end. GPS watches are also in vogue: They offer the same functions as normal GPS rangefinders, but without a graphical display. The big brands Bushnell, Garmin, GolfBuddy and Voice Caddie are recommended.

Special smartphone apps with GPS are the comparatively cheapest solution, which are usually also allowed in tournaments (important: The app should work in flight mode). The disadvantages: If the cell phone battery is empty, the app will not work. Recommended: Expert Golf and Golfshot.

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